a day in my kulayful digital lifestyle

Since last April 2014, I have not had a typical day. I play so many roles in a day that every day is a surprise for me. Let me show you an average kulayful digital life for me.

In the morning, I normally wake up like this.

The shocked look on my face is from the fact that after only 3 hours of sleep, I am already up and running. So now that I have shown you my morning face which I upload at times (depends if I don't look too scary) let me show you who I am in this digital world we live in. 

I am not a morning person. This means I need my cup of coffee or tea to jump start my day. I am a foodie and I am a wanna be photographer so I take photos of my food and drinks and post it on Instagram. It's very convenient for me that I am connected 24/7 through my phone's data plan and also our wifi at home.

After breakfast, I TRY (take note of the word try) to exercise because I am a health advocate wannabe. Since we live in the digital world now and because I want to get more inspiration from people around me, I take photos of myself pre-work out to inspire myself to keep trying. I don't do it after because I sweat like a pig and it's not picture worthy. 

After my morning ritual, I fix myself up and listen to music because I am an audiophile and so I put either my iPOD on or listen to Spotify when I want to discover new music. 

Since I am a beauty ambassador, I have become a selfie addict and throughout the day, I post random selfies to show off how good my derma's work is. 

Going through the city, I use WAZE a lot. Truth be told, I have been using WAZE since 2012 because I am geographically challenged. I am a social media manager and so my work takes me from the North to the South as well as East and West. Thankfully, I have a lot of friends on Viber to keep me company while I'm on the road. I am sentimental so I make it a point to stay in touch with people who matter to me throughout the day. 

As you can see, I am almost always on my phone since this is how I keep my business running as well as stay connected to friends and family. I am a businesswoman but I am also a mother, daughter, friend, and sister.  Thankfully, updates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and my blog helps everyone stay updated with what is going on with me. It also helps me ensure that I am safe wherever I am because I constantly update via tweets I make.
At the end of the day, I go home to the one person that matters the most to me and the one person that makes all these insanity worth it.

When he falls asleep, then I finish off the day by checking my emails on GMAIL and doing any reports or article that I need to make. 

Finally, I log back on to Spotify and let it lull me to sleep. 

This is how a day in my kulayful digital life goes. I hope you enjoyed taking a peek as much as I enjoyed showing you my very digital life.