Friday, February 6, 2015

Johnsons So Much More

I grew up a Johnson's and Johnson's baby. When I had my son, almost everything I bought for his bathing needs were also from Johnson's and Johnson. I had 100% faith in the product and in my head, it was the only product I could trust to use on my baby's sensitive skin.

When I received the invitation to attend their So Much More event, it got me thinking, "what else can they do when they have already done so much?" Well, it seems that breakthroughs have been made and they wanted to share new ways that Moms can take care of their babies and more importantly, grow the bond between Mommies and babies.

JOHNSON’S® understands that for Filipino parents, their baby’s health and development is of primary importance. This is why we’ve developed sensorial rituals that parents can consistently enjoy doing with their babies. When used with our specially-formulated JOHNSON’S® products, these rituals can unlock the full power of the senses and help baby develop healthily and happily.

We encourage moms and dads to make bath time and the other baby care rituals mean so much more to maximize their happy and healthy development. Make sure to spend more quality time with your babies in these different rituals  massage them more, talk to them more, play with them more – to help nurture their ability to learn, think, love, and grow.

Some of the products that I always buy are the ones shown above. It helps keep my own son smelling nice when he's playing and falling asleep faster at night when its bed time.  When using these products, it also helps allow babies and kids to use their sense of smell, hearing, touch, and seeing; all of which are needed to grow the bond between Moms and their babies. 

Additional info are also included in this info sheet below.

So Moms, remember to always make bath time and play time special for your kids using Johnson's and Johnson products. After all, its the only product we should trust our baby's skin with.

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