Starting Over Again

When I initially saw the trailer for this movie, I was very intrigued. I thought to myself that this would be something I would want to watch and so even without any friend, I planned to watch it. Thankfully, a friend read that I was watching by myself and joined me.

Watching Starting Over Again, I saw myself in many situations. I saw myself in Ginny when she was trying to delete the letter but could not make herself do it. She may have looked silly stopping herself but I also went through the same thing when I initially unfriended FM. My finger literally hovered over the mousepad and would veer away from it. This happened for a good 5 minutes. If someone had seen me, they would have said I was crazy.

I saw myself in Marco when he was wondering what the heck went wrong ... how from I love you it went to why did you leave me? I saw myself in Marco who waited and waited until he couldn't wait anymore. As Marco's line went ...

"I was willing to wait. Kaya lang napagod ako -- napagod ang puso ko na maghintay, magtanong, magalit."

Part of me hoped that they would end up together but I realized that not every love story gets a second chance. Sometimes, you just need closure and as for my love story with the funny man ... this is one thing that I have yearned for over and over again.

Last December, I finally got it when he told me he no longer loves me. This was when I stopped waiting and when I started getting mad. Unfortunately, I couldn't stay mad for long and I just went into acceptance.

Do I still love my Ginny? Yes I do. I still love him but I know deep in my heart that I need to move on with my life. It doesn't necessarily mean that I will find someone new ... it just means that I need to move forward with my life without him in it.

So now ... I go back to ...

“How do I un-love you?”

to which the answer really is ...

"I can never un-love you, I just love you in a different way now."