Saturday, February 8, 2014

PressCon: The Full Gallop

It was an invitation where upon reading two words on it, I said YES without hesitation. Truth be told, I said yes even without knowing what time it was or where it was being held. I just saw the words CHERIE GIL and I had to say YES.

As Rajo Laurel bluntly stated, "Who can say no to Ms. Cherie Gil?"

The venue for the press con was at Salon de Ning. I have never been inside the place and I can say that I was blown away upon entering. Songs from Moulin Rouge started playing in my head and I could see burlesque dancers swaying their hips seductively to soft music in this setting.

The feast laid out was nothing short of decadent.

Finally, after gorging ourselves on these pastries, cakes, and loads of coffee, the press conference started. We were introduced to the crew and then finally, Ms. Cherie Gil herself graced us with her presence and boy, what a presence it  really is.

I love how she can be so divaish and haughty and so snobbish when she's onstage but at the same time be so charming and wickedly funny. She is simply perfect for the role of Diana Vreeland. Most of all, I love that she was so accommodating and approachable even though she is the Cherie Gil.

FULL GALLOP will have the special participation of Ms. GiselleTongi. The creative team of  FULL GALLOP is composed of Bart Guingona (Director), Joey Mendoza (Set Designer), John Batalla (Lighting Designer),  Rajo Laurel (Costume Designer), and Ruben Nazareth (Hair and Make-up).

The creative team for the FULL GALLOP photoshootare  JoanBitagcol (Photo), Sandy, Higgins, Mark Higgins, Michael Salientes (Styling), Mark and Sandy Higgins (art direction), and Fanny Serrano (Hair and Make-up).

FULL GALLOP is presented by special arrangement with Josef Weinberger Plays Limited, London.

For the March 14 gala night, ticket prices are at Php3,000 orchestra center; Php2,000 for orchestra side and loge; and Php1,000 for balcony inclusive of cocktail food
and wine provided by Antonio’s Tagaytay.Part of the proceeds from this gala event will go to VirlanieFoundation’s  project of building houses in Negros areas that were affected by Typhoon Yolanda.

Tickets  for regular nights are at Php1,500 for orchestra center,  Php1,000 for orchestra and loge, and Php600 for balcony.  For ticket inquiries, call tel. no. 2150788 or 09175378313.  You may also buy tickets through Ticketworld at 8919999 or

See you at the theater!

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