Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Intramuros: Transitio

I’ve heard about Transitio from Carlos Celdran last year but was not able to actually go and have a lookie look. However, a change of plans and life intervening paved the way for me to go have a visit and so I decided that I should not ignore the signs and finally made my way to Intramuros last week where Transitio was happening. 

Luckily for me, my best friend from elementary was free for the night and so she accompanied me. 

It was a night filled with great music, art, and appreciation for nature. For the first time, I lied down on the grass and actually found myself enjoying it. My friend and I traipsed and look at all the wooden plates made by artists which had sayings and found ourselves identifying with a lot of it. 

We went around the mini bazaar and saw a lot of handcrafted materials which proves that Filipinos really know how to turn trash into a treasure. There were so many interesting things that I saw that I was actually pretty grateful that there were no ATM machines around or else I may have brought everything on sight. LOL. 

The night ended with music being played by The Executives and listening to their rendition of Cuando Cuando and Besame Mucho was just the perfect way to end the night. I’m glad that I was able to make that trip to Intramuros and that I got to spend the night with one of the best girl friends that I have. It was definitely a night worth remembering and a night worth reminiscing.

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