Tuesday, February 18, 2014

how do I unlove you?

How do I unlove you?

When I first heard this in a movie, I said to myself, "easy. You just cut the person out of your life and you forget about the person. You remember every bad thing that they said and did. You keep pounding that into your head hard enough and you will eventually hate the person."

I was wrong.

Apparently, when you love a person enough, his failures and mistakes become small compared to your love. You understand the reason behind every mean word inflicted and behind every hurting moment they commit against you. You rationalize and you do your best to understand which leads me to ask ...

How do I unlove you? 

How do I learn to not look for you whenever something goes wrong? How do I learn to not consider you when I make decisions about my life? How do I learn to not want to share moments with you whenever something great happens?

How do I learn to not want to know whats happening in your life? How do I learn to not care when you get sick or are feeling sad? How do I not love you?

Tell me ... how do I unlove you the way you have unloved me? 

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