Dear Samsung Mobile Philippines

It would be really, really awesome and I would be forever in your debt if you would sponsor a new Samsung Grand Duo for me. I was just recently mugged and they took my Samsung Duo. You see, I use it for events that I cover on my blog as well as tweet and IG and to capture moments in my life. I have been told to just get a cheaper Android of another brand but I really, really can't make myself use another brand.

I'm not a famous blogger like other bloggers but I do have some loyal following. I have also been doing parenting and lifestyle for 8 years now.

Would it be possible to make this tiny wish a reality? I'm just trying this out in the off chance that it could be granted. You see, I'm a single Mom so priorities need to done and getting a new Samsung Grand Duo is not within the budget.

Yours truly,
Life is Kulayful blogger