Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Via Antonella ..

From SaveMore in Maginhawa, go straight and then turn left at the first corner after Gayuma ni Maria ... not more than 50 steps you will immediately see Via Antonella and from that point on, you can completely forget any thoughts you may have about dieting and just let go and enjoy a wonderful delight of yummy and delicious food. This is not a joke.

I loved the interior of the place. It was cozy and classy. I loved the lights they used. It looked like little stars hanging from the sky. It felt like you were dining under the heavens.

My brother ordered the Rootbeer Espresson. First time I heard it I thought to myself what the heck? Rootbeer and espresso? One sip though and I agreed with my brother that it was a perfect combination. The rootbeer complimented the espresso and the overall taste was just perfection.

I had the cream of shiitake and leeks. Initially, all I tasted was leeks but after getting quite a few spoonfuls, the shiitake starts to rise and you can feel it swirling all over your mouth.

The cheesy sisig lumpia was delightful. It was made of sisig and cheese wrapped in lumpia wrap and it wasn't oily at all. It was like the sisig was cooked in oil but the moment it was placed in the lumpia wrap, all the excess oil was taken off and all that was left was the goodness of sisig and cheese. Yes, I know its not healthy but damn, it was really really tasty.

The next thing on the menu that we tried was the Hanger Steak. I'm not a fan of steak but this one was pretty impressive. It was soft and tasty and it wasn't overbearing in taste. It was just really good meat cooked to perfection.

Best part is that they don't use potatoes. They actually use mashed sweet potatoes, thus, supporting our local market and local producers.

The next thing on the list to try was a signature dish and so my expectations were set very high. After all, when a restaurant says something is a signature dish, it means that it must be really good and unique to their place.

The Pininyahang Roasted Chicken was DIVINE. Seriously. The pineapple taste seeped right through the bone and into the meat. Typically, it will only be the skin that will taste good but for this viand, it was the bone, the meat, and the skin. I actually finished the whole thing almost all by myself.

The Hole in the Bone aka Osso Bucco was also another treat. Seriously. While I was chewing the tender meat of the Osso Bucco, I kept saying to myself, "how come everything tastes so good?" It really was good and you know that I don't do BS on my food blog posts.

The Lamb Kaldereta was another soft and chewy treat. This one made me want to order extra 4 cups of rice to go with it. It was just the kind of food that goes so well with rice and because it was cooked perfectly, you just wanna have one bite after another.

Last that I can recommend on the menu from Via Antonella is the Chili Tuyo Spaghetti. Its not that spicy and the tuyo and spaghetti actually go together quite well. It was an experience to eat.

Overall, I would say that Via Antonella made it to the Top 5 restaurants on my list and I have reviewed over 250+ restaurants. The ambiance, the service, and the food were all great. I'm glad that I made time to visit Via Antonella. It was truly a gastronomic delight.

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* I was invited to review the food. I did not pay for my meal. However, the free meal did not in any way sway my opinion and everything you read here is MY PERSONAL OPINION. 


  1. The place looks really cozy and has nice food choices.

  2. You got me giddy, achie!!! <3 Now, I'm more excited to visit Via Antonella. Will be ordering that Rootbeer Espresso for sure! I can't imagine how rootbeer and espresso would taste like together! XD


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