Tuesday, December 31, 2013

lets do this 2014

For 2013, I made this post and I wasn't able to keep most of what I posted for the simple reason that for 8 months, I focused on being miserable. Enough of that. So for 2014, I don't see why I won't be able to accomplish these. To be sure, I will also have it printed and posted on the planner just to be sure haha.
  1. I will read more. 
  2. I will take more photos and hone my photography. 
  3. I will write more and when I say write, I mean write. It's time to go back to basics.
  4. I will put aside money for savings and for the future. 
  5. I will explore the Philippines, if not the world. 
  6. I will try to be kinder and more patient. 
  7. I will be healthier. 
There. I think my list is more feasible. Happy New Year!


  1. Nice, doable and realistic new year's resolution. You go girl!


  2. Cheers to the New Year! I'm sure you'll accomplish all the goals you've listed above. :)


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