Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Usagi Cafe

One of the new establishments that caught my eye inside our village is Usagi Cafe. It's located right along Abel Nosce corner Charlemagne Street which is a stones throw away from where I used to live.

First time I went here, I was with some Mommy friends. I ordered the Usagi Cafe which was siphoned. They ordered cold drinks and I also got the Clubhouse and Usagi Sandwich.

Let's talk about my Usagi Cafe first. It's siphoned so its actually processed not the regular way that coffee is made. They use tools where in the water is heated and it goes up to the coffee grounds. It's actually pretty cool. They also use milk in a canister and brown sugar crystal. I loved the taste of Usagi Cafe. It just seems different from the other coffee that I have tasted before.

It seemed more refined.

The Usagi Sandwich was another hit for me. I loved the combination of the mayo, wasabi, mustard, and all the dressing it had. It was quite a feast for the mouth. I also liked that the hotdog they used wasn't just any ordinary hotdog.

When my family and I visited, we were in for a treat. They gave us small gifts as tokens of appreciation which I find really AWESOME!

I'm glad that I gave Usagi Cafe a try. Now we have more choices here in the South, not just Starbucks though Starbucks will always be #1 in my heart. :)

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  1. Their pastas are really good too, and cheap for around P160. Their Coffee Jelly for dessert is a must try as well.


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