Tuesday, December 24, 2013

mommy friends ...

I have never been one to have a group of Mommy friends. Once when B was still a baby, I had an online support group of Mom but due to life and other things, it barely lasted a year. Years later, I was without any Mommy friends and then B started going to school.

Prep and grade 1 saw me saying hi and hello to other Moms but no one really became my friend except for one woman who would make it a point to sit beside me during school programs. Still, it was only this year that she and I finally became friends and along with that friendship, I also became friends with other Moms in FALS which is B's school.

Imagine that ... the girl who is almost always hated by other women finally had mommy friends.

These women are treasures that I cherish. They accept me for all my crankiness and bluntness and appreciate what I can give. They don't fault me for being me and they are okay with who I am ... sweetness and bitterness combined.

I always joke around that it was hard having Mommy friends because I need to make time for them and remember their birthday and their kids birthday but all these are mere bluster. I am grateful for them.

They make school life easier for me and when I feel lost being a Mom, I now know that aside fro my Mom, I can count on them to help me out be a better Mom to my son.

Thank you Ladies .... you do not know it but you are treasured. I hope that our friendship would last until we are wrinkly but still fabulous.

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