Thursday, November 28, 2013

TJG: Ramen Burger

If you are a fan of ramen but also a fan of burger, Ramen Burger would most likely be your idea of heaven.

It looks small but its actually pretty big. I tried finishing it but was left with 2 bites because I couldn't fit it in my tummy. Note that I didn't even have breakfast that day but this ramen burger was so heavy and definitely worth the price.

The ramen was a good combination to the burger. It didn't feel icky. It wasn't oily. It was right. It felt and tasted right. I actually wanted to haul over my brothers so that they can give this a try. It was really very good.

Go ahead and give the ramen burger of Tempura Japanese Grill a try. I say you won't regret it.

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* I was invited to review the food. I did not pay for my meal. However, the free meal did not in any way sway my opinion and everything you read here is MY PERSONAL OPINION. 

1 comment:

  1. I was confused what TJG stood for... Tempura Japanese Grill pala. Toinks to me.


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