Sunday, November 24, 2013

PF Chang with Milette

We were at the Blogapalooza 2013 but decided to leave after lunch. I felt that my friend needed someone at this time and I'm the type of person who'd always choose a friend over an event. We initially went to Starbucks then attended an event at Alabang Town Center until we finally ended up at PF Chang.

I was craving for ground chicken wrapped in lettuce so it was the first thing I ordered. One bite and I was in heaven.

Milette also enjoyed this viand and I believe it was her first time to try it.

We also tried the Dimsum Platter and 2 other viands. It was a night of talking and friendship. It was a night of giving back for me. She was there when I was going cuckoo over my break up with FM and I was happy that in a small way, I was able to give back to her that night.

It was a reminder that truly, what goes around comes around.

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