Thursday, July 11, 2013

Real Nature Mask by The Face Shop

I received some free face masks when I got some stuff from The Face Shop. I thought I'd give it a shot and here's the result. You have been warned.

rPretty scary right? Haha. It felt weird too. It was cold and wet and it really stuck to the skin. Instructions said to let it lie on my face for 15 minutes. Initially, it was uncomfortable. I felt like it was going to drip but luckily it didn't. After 5 minutes, it felt pretty comfortable. After 10 minutes, it felt like it wasn't even there anymore.

When I took it off, my face felt a bit icky.  After one wash, it felt really good. My face felt so soft and so smooth. It was surreal. I felt like my face looked a few years younger and I didn't even do much. Seems the nature mask really works. In fact, I believe that it worked so well I gave the blueberry facial mask a try. Same reaction, it was amazing!

For those who want to give it a try, I say go for it. It really does wonder for the skin.

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  1. I I tried their pomegranate and green tea and it's good too. I noticed that the mask really suits on your skin. Check mine and it's too big for me. Haha

  2. Wow.. you are lucky that you received if for free. I also tried facila mask before (not this brand) and it feel nice (You feel that your beauty increased by 10% :-))

  3. That looks great! Rice?! Whoa. I guess it goes well for those going for less carbs, they can take their rice, turn it into a mask and voila! ;D

  4. I remember, my sister and I did this when we were young. It was so funny. We were laughing the whole time. I could not remember what we used that time, but all our facial hair went with the mask with we took it off. It was so painful.

  5. I already tried their Facial mask in Green Tea, it's so relaxing. Rice?! hmm.. sounds interesting.

  6. I absolutely try this! Thanks for posting this! :)

  7. Haha! I had a laugh seeing you with the mask - and I agree - it's not always comfy when it's cold and all but the end result would be totally worth it! :)

  8. your so lucky! sana ma try ko din for free..haha Thanks for posting, will surely try this :)


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