Tuesday, July 23, 2013

dinner with high school friends

Last night, I met up with my high school classmate Jaq and our friend Neil. Now, Neil and I have met a couple of times this year, most recently when my heart was broken and he consoled me by treating me at Tully's.

Jaq has been quite hard to reach since she lives in the province most of the time but when she is in town, I'm glad that we make it a point to meet and eat out. Thankfully, they were only 45 minutes late last night. I say this because one time, she was late for 2.5 hours.

We ended up eating at Kimono Ken and for people who are trying to lose weight, I feel like we ordered too much. Thankfully, we finished everything in less than an hour. Haha.

Last night's talk was our most serious yet. While Neil and Jaq were discussing, I realized that we really are all grown ups now and our problems have all taken a really serious turn. I was just really thankful that amidst all the trials we have faced, we're still there for each other.

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