Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fully Booked and Press Cafe ATC

It was a Sundate that would push through no matter what. I was late and literally had time to only change blouse before I was out of the house again, this time with B and K in tow. Off we went to Alabang Town Center last Sunday to visit the newly built Fully Booked which boasted of 4 floors. To bookworms like us, this was a match made in heaven.

Now, this is the sad part. Since I was in such a hurry, I accidentally left my pouch with the camera inside at home. Please bear with the lousy Blackberry photos that I have.

When we got to ATC, we were so happy upon seeing the building. However, before I was able to explore, I found myself drawn to Press Cafe which was located on the ground floor of Fully Booked. Coz I was hungry, I ordered the following:

mushroon soup

grilled chicken melt

pesto pasta

Obviously, B finished the entire pasta all by himself but K and I were able to take a swipe or two. It was delicious. It wasn't too oily nor was it too dry. I loved it. More important, B loved it.

K had the grilled chicken melt and I think she liked it too. You see, B and I were not even able to taste it. LOL.

Since I only had soup, I ended up ordering some mozarella sticks. I think Don Henricos is still better but this wasn't so bad. It was pretty good actually.

After we were done eating, we took off and explored what this book haven had to offer. I personally saw a lot of inspiring books that I'll be going back to as well as Book One, Book Two, and Book Three of Archie Married Life. I wish I could go buy it but I need to prioritize.

B went off to the activity books and K, lets just say she was jumping up and down with joy because there was a decent manga section. B saw her literally jumping and she didn't deny.

I also liked that I felt it was a safe spot to let the kids roam. K was on the 4th floor, B was on the 3rd, and I was on the 2nd floor. The staff were attentive and the place was spacious.

Here's what it looks like. Photos below are not mine.

The kids and I definitely had fun. My wallet cried but B went home with 2 books and K went home with 3 books. The smiles and happiness I saw in their faces were PRICELESS though. For me, that's what matters most.

I'm glad that in my own small ways, I was able to make the kids happy. I may not be the best sister or the greatest Mom but I am trying my hardest to be the best that I can be for them.


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