Monday, July 15, 2013

B's 8th Birthday ...

It wasn't what I thought it would be. I originally planned to eat at Sambokojin with my family and close friends but since Mama passed away, things changed. I'm glad though that we were still able to celebrate it with some close family friends.

We trooped to Pizza Hut because B wanted the Pesto Pasta there. Allan, Arnie, as well as FM and kids came to celebrate with us.

It was a simple lunch treat but I know that everyone had fun one way or the other. I'm just really thankful that the group dynamics were pretty awesome. See below.

I loved the stolen shots. It showed what was really happening and I loved that it was all smiles and laughter especially for our guests. To everyone who gave B a present and who made time to see him on his special day, thank you.

B had a lot of fun and I know that he will remember this.

Thank you again to everyone and to you my son, I hope you had fun. I love you. Happy 8th birthday B!

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