Saturday, May 19, 2012

La Piadina

It was the day of my first interview after working at my current job for more than 2 years. I was a nervous wreck and FM treated me to lunch afterwards since my interview was at 11am.

We ended up here.

I ordered chicken and he ordered pesto. They were both pretty good but since I cannot remember for the life of me what they actually tasted now, it must have been not that good.

I did have fun with FM on this date because I felt that he supported me. He made me feel and believe that I could pass the interview. He restored my faith in myself as a sales person and as a professional.

I thank him for his belief in me. He doesn't just love me, he believes in me. For me, that is as sweet as this dessert in the last photo.


  1. i havent tried the resto but i remember eating in their stall in glorietta food choices before

  2. I always wanted to try this resto. But I'm not yet convinced it should be on the priority list hehe. Good luck finding a job. Always wanted to be in the sales force but I lack social skills.


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