Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kainan au Gusto

FM and I had a cheap date. When I say cheap, it was less than Php200. The great thing about it is that it was still a fun date which leads me to realize that eventhough it wasn't as costly, what really matters is the company and the fact that the food was still pretty good. The interior also added to the quaintness of the place.

He ordered dinuguan, I got laing. I also ordered palitaw and maja blanca and we shared a drink. It was pretty heavy and we were filled. Best part of the night? See photo below.

It's a classy karinderia. Hahahaha. I loved the place. :)

Kainan Au Gusto
21 United Street,
West Kapitolyo, Pasig City


  1. parang nasa bahay lang din ang setting, pretty nice!


  2. Nice place. :) I suddenly missed eating campus food. :(


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