Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Johnny Rocketts

I've been wanting to try this place since last year when I had another epic fail moment of organizing a meet up and everyone went except me.

So, a couple of weeks ago, FM invited me to a dinner out with his kids and some friends. This is where we went.

I loved the jukebox. If there was one thing that I fell in love with at that place, it was the jukebox.

We ordered the philly cheese steak sandwich and the burger. It was ENORMOUS. Scratch that! It was GINORMOUS. It was crazy how big it was because in the menu, it looked normal. It was one of those reversal moments where normally it looks big on the photo but average in real life ... this time, it looked normal size on the photo but it was larger than life.

The taste was pretty okay for me. Johnny Rocketts for me is more of the experience rather than the actual steak sandwich and burger.

It was a good thing FM was with me. Afterwards, we had us some dairy queen. FUN!


  1. I love Johnny Rockets milkshake! :) Have you tried it? :)


  2. oh Johnny Rockets is really an awesome place! I love Route 66 and their unlimited fries!!!



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