Friday, May 18, 2012

Bagnet Boy

This post is long overdue. FM has been keeping me pretty busy these past few weeks and life has been cooperating with him completely. It's all good though but I did miss being able to blog daily. However, the upside is that since a lot of things has been happening, I now have over 20 blog entries waiting to be written and posted. GAH!

We were at Shangri-la sometime ago and FM wanted to eat at the food court. We were standing around in the middle of the place when I saw this sign.

I've always liked bagnet and so it was such joy to see this sign. I immediately ordered the kare-kare bagnet and I really liked it.  It was straightforward and without pretense. It was really good in my opinion. However, 8065 is still better in my opinion.

I would give this a shot again though. If I have a craving for bagnet, this would be a possible go to place for me.


  1. Parang ang konte. But I'm going to try bagnet soon! :)

  2. I agree with michy, ang konti ata...waaah, kaingit will have bagnet tom for lunch


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