Sunday, August 21, 2011

Serenitea ...

I've heard so much about this place from people  that I  know and from blogs that I frequent when I have time that when I was given the chance to try it, I grabbed the opportunity.

I was ready to hate it. I really don't like cold tea. There ... I don't like cold tea. Tea for me should be hot. Tea should be sipped from a small cup that feels hot to the touch. This is what tea is for me.

Serenitea is not this. It is this.

It was tangy and sweet and tea-ish. Hahaha. I suck at this describing thing. It wasn't what I expected that I can say. I actually ended up drinking the entire thing. I guess I liked it. :)

Thanks A for letting me try this. I guess it it true.


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  1. Serenitea's my first choice when it comes to milk teas :)


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