Friday, August 12, 2011

brainstorming session for Child House

So we have an upcoming project for Child House and I never knew that it could be super  stressful to spearhead something like this. Regardless, I am pretty excited because I am doing it with some awesome friends and a film group that rocks. Granted, this could be a first and last ditch effort for us depending on whether this is going to be a success or an epic fail but what matters is that we are making an effort.

I've met with them 2x already and I'm very happy that the plans are coming to a fruition. We actually have plans and goals and means and ways of getting there. Eekkk! I am so happy.

Besides, with people like them, what can go wrong with this plan?

and with help from an angel, I think we're all good.

Wish us luck ... I'll surely share what the end result and progress of this endeavor will be. I hope it will be a success.

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