Thursday, August 4, 2011

Book Club: 13 Reasons Why

I have a book club and we finally met for the discussion of our first book. Funny part is only 3 of us were present and we were all member of the food group as well. It was a struggle to actually stay focused on the book discussion with only 3 of us that we ended partially discussing it and then focusing more on what we were going to have for dinner.

However, the online discussion that we are having as a group is what I expected it to be. Dynamic and fun. People have different opinion about the book we picked that it's very nice to be able to shed light on what the book really is about.

I initially loved the story and thought it was kick ass but with the Book Club discussion, I realized that I actually do not agree with what the main character decided to do with herself. The book discussion will be ongoing for 3 more days then I will announce the next book that we will read.

Hopefully, that discussion and meet up will be more successful.

Here are the other members of the book club.

and here we are ...

I'd still say it was a good meet up. There are a lot of room for improvements but then again, that's what makes life interesting isn't it?

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