Sunday, August 28, 2011

Colorful Weekend # 4: K's Double Celebration

We had dinner at Vikings Buffet to celebrate the birthdays of two member of our Fil-Chi group. K and K. Yep. Their initials also starts with K and they are both Virgos who dislike attention. Unfortunately for them, they have me who just basks in attention. LOL.

We had dinner at this "luxury buffet" and I can honestly say, the money spent was oh so worth it. Here's what we had.

Happy birthday you guys! You have certainly added more color to my life.

This is my entry to the colorful weekend meme.


  1. it seems like it's really a good place to go visit someday! :D

    visiting from colorful weekend! :D

  2. that's a lot of foods..:)

    Late Colorful Weekend Visit here. My CW is At the Playhouse. Have A Nice Day!


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