Sunday, August 14, 2011

my son, the genius

B got really good grades in class.  He got scores of 9/10 and perfect scores. There were only two deviations which was one 8/10 and one that was 15/20 but the rest were either perfect or almost perfect. This covers his entire 1st quarter of school.

This is why i got him this. It's a 53 piece puzzle and I really thought that it would take him the whole afternoon to finish it.

Apparently, he has the brains of a gifted child or he's just really into puzzles. He did it in less than an hour. Less.Than.An.Hour. OMG!

My son, the genius.


  1. ohe... i remember my gradeschool days, i also received perfect scores from periodical tests... and now as my age grew bigger and does my IQ getting smaller.hehe but hey you got a smart kid here... keep up kid!

  2. Your son inherits his mental acumen and intelligence from you. Rear him up the way he should go, not the way you should him to be. Or else a conflict may arise. But of course, don't leave him alone.

  3. Oh!! I just love seeing smart kids.. I used to be smart and witty back when I was a kindergarten.. But now? I just dont know :D


  4. Nice! Good Job Baby! You ought to hone his skills!

  5. you must be really really proud of ur son...and u did a great job too on raising him to be such...

  6. Keep up rearing him and encouraging him to be creative and all...good job mom!


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