Saturday, August 6, 2011

PFC: Babae sa Septic Tank

The Film Group and I watched Ang Babae sa Septic Tank. It's been making a lot of fuss and so we just had to haul ourselves to the cinema and see what it was about. I honestly was worried that I would be in for a disappointment because I had such high expectations about this.

These are the people I was with from the Film Club. This was taken before the movie started. At this time, I was thinking, "I really hope that this won't  be an epic fail."

The movie started and ended with me wanting to give the star, the writer, and the director, a standing ovation. Seriously. It was that good. It was so good that I have to stop myself from whistling, cheering, and clapping. At times, I failed. It was a good thing that other people failed to restrain themselves as well.

And here we are, the uber happy and satisfied film group. Gosh! It was so worth the wait.


  1. Oh I have to watch it too, it's popping up here and there, people are talking about this movie. :)It must be really good.

  2. continue what you are started who knows someday you ould become more popular.

    Your fellow blogger.

  3. You should definitely watch it dear ..

    and no plans of becoming famous :)

  4. Very happy I was able to watch it when I was back in Pinas for a short vacay. I agree. It was smart, hilarious, and entertaining.

    As for the ending, I felt a little bitin, though. It sort of ended abruptly, IMO. But yeah, I loved it! Eugene Domingo is the best! :D


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