Saturday, August 27, 2011

officially a Tweener

My sister ... she is no longer the baby that she was nor the little girl that we thought she was. She is now officially a tween; yep, she is a tweener.

It was a few days ago that she asked if we could watch Tween Academy.  I was pretty surprised because I didn't see her watching the show where all these young stars hailed from but I guess I just wasn't paying that much attention. She reminded me of how I was back when I was a teen and all crazy about TGIS, a show with a similar setting.

When we woke up today, it was raining cats and dogs. I honestly wanted to cancel but when I saw my sister, I couldn't. I just couldn't. So we marched off into the rain and watched the movie.

See how tall and big she is now? She is certainly no longer  a child. Sniff.

I am happy though that she asked me to go watch with her. Be it because I will treat her or because my Mom won't allow her to watch yet with friends, at least she invited me to watch it with her. I think that's still a pretty big thing.

Don't we look cute? We do right?


  1. cute!
    i remember my ate watching thats entertainment back then, tapos ako deadma. then nung TGIS time, yan watch galore talaga tayo. hehe

  2. Oh my, how can I forget those days when I was so crazy over TGIS! our generation... hehe...

  3. O diba? TGIS talaga! Just got lucky ... just got lucky!


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