Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kooky Luscious Corner

This is a hidden place that is sitting right in the middle of Ayala Avenue. I have passed by this place so many times in the past but never gave it a second thought. It was only this week that I thought to myself, why don't we give this little resto a shot?

So we did, my coworkers and I, and boy are we glad we did. It's a very small place but I like how quaint it is. The place may be small but the taste of the food isn't. Seriously.

barbecue and mango salad ... ROCKS!

basil and pesto pasta ... good!

binagoongan rice
The food was good. We've been there twice and the first time, I was not able to bring my camera. The second time, I made sure I did.

The staff is very efficient and friendly and they are prompt  to attend to what you want. The Tsokolate is so good. It's just right, creamy, hot, but not overly sweet.

And here she is, an addition to our lunch group.

To more great lunch breaks that make working more bearable. :)


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