Saturday, June 5, 2010

SPH # 29: Sparkle

I was panicking earlier when I realized that I did not have a photo entry for this week since I didn't have one last week as well. I was thinking, sparkle? Sparkle? Sparkle ... hmmm ... what do I have that sparkles .... then I remembered going out with my friends last night and I know that I simply sparkle when I am with them. They accept me for who I am and bear my bad side.
These two ladies have helped made my days brighter when it should have been gloom and doom. So to Laine and Kate, thank you, for being the sparkles in my life. Friends like you are some of the best jewels in life.
Can you see the sparkle in our eyes?


  1. The eyes did sparkle and those smile are precious! Happy Saturday!


  2. mine is somewhere along these lines too. happy weekend.

  3. I did a sparkling personality too.

    My PhotoHunt is here: Beauty Queen

  4. This is a nice entry. It's fun to be in the company of friends.


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