Saturday, June 12, 2010

not even in your dreams ...

Like moth to a flame
Like bees to honey
You all come running after me
But you will never catch me
Not even in your dreams.


  1. It seems that you're trying to compose a poem which is popularly known as limerick. A limerick is a form of comic verse consisting of five anapaestic lines of which the first, second, and fifth have three metrical feet and rhyme together and the third and fourth have two metrical feet and rhyme together. But your poem doesn't conform with this mechanics.

  2. all i can say is...ang haba ng hair!

    nice poem...

  3. That is so deep. And very nice poem. I like it! The connection and rhyming is good.

    Just wrote short poem for you.

    Touch me not;
    But leave me not;
    You love me and I need you.
    What would be like to live without you?
    -I hope you like it. -Jenny O'Toole

  4. ahahah.I like the poem,very well said.Come and get or catch me if you can.

  5. The most challenging part
    is to catch you from the start
    but I will try my luck
    the moment your eyes spark

  6. astig! how a few select words could be more powerful than just simply saying, 'you will never catch me.' you are really artsy kathy.

  7. And lalim , may bumabagabag ba sa iyo.. Chill ka lang . =)

  8. short but meaningful. sometimes, a poem doesn't need too much words to really express your thoughts and your feelings...nice one.

  9. i have a question? bakit, parang "catch me if you can?" LOL. Yahweh bless

  10. Bees always get their honey, right? As far as I know, bees make honey so they'll always catch it. He he he

  11. Wow andami ata nila Kath ha.. hahaha! well good luck na lang sa kanila. hehehe.

  12. just a short poem but the words seem to be screaming with might and confidence within. I love it! :)

  13. hahaha i like this poem. "catch me if you can"

  14. O ha! Catch me if you can ba ito? Hayaan mo silang maghabol mabilis ka naman atang tumakbo ha ha ha!!Run Forrest Run! este Run Kay Run!

  15. Hands down (with my two thumbs up)! Simple yet Astig! :)

    I'm taking this poem as God's answer to something I prayed just earlier this morning...


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