Friday, June 18, 2010

random late night musings part 2

I've been a meantime girl in the past so many times that I have lost count of it. I think I fit perfectly into the role of a meantime girl that guys gravitate towards me and make me one without even realizing it.

I'm that girl for them ... the one they can just hang out with ... the one who listens ... the one they can make into an arm candy if needed ... the one they can pitch ideas to ... the one they would grab for coffee or a movie and know that I will probably be noisier or gobble up more drink than they could.

I am that girl. The meantime one ... the one they can be with until THE ONE comes along. Then they leave.

They all leave ... and since not a single one of them bothered to look back ... they never saw the tears falling down my face.

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