Thursday, June 3, 2010

25 things people don't know about me ...

This is gonna be so hard. I've blogged about me so many times that I am bound to repeat something but I know that now I have something new to add. =)
  1. Apparently, I am stronger than I looked. 2 weeks after getting dumped, and I am A-OKAY!
  2. I can now sit in a coffee shop by myself and not feel compelled to text all my friends. I am able to enjoy my alone time.
  3. I dress up and make sure I look good, not for someone else, but for me. Looking good, I feel good too. Of course, the admiring looks are still appreciated. LOL.
  4. I missed my family. I really did; especially my Mom. I will never again choose a guy over my family. If I have to choose, then it means he's so not worth it.
  5. I like my McDo dates with my son. I'm gonna make sure we do this once a month.
  6. I am going to learn Adobe Photoshop. Good luck to the one who will be teaching me. =p
  7. I am going to get Breathe. I will. Seriously.
  8. I've lost 18lbs already. Yey me! 25 more to go.
  9. I still prefer love letters and cards over email and text.
  10. Hugs are still the best. It comforts, assures, and makes you feel good all over.
  11. I have a size 9 foot. LOL.
  12. I like hair accessories, especially the swarovski ones.
  13. I want to have my hair curled again.
  14. I cross stitch and that calms me down.
  15. I was president of the glee club back in high school.
  16. I was team captain of the debating team.
  17. I was a volleyball player.
  18. I am itching to do a fun run.
  19. I used to model and was a beauty pageant finalist.
  20. I have over 800 books.
  21. I think heaven is Fully Booked in the Fort with its own Starbucks.
  22. I have never been to Sonya's Garden.
  23. I still don't have Baguio Starbucks Citymug.
  24. I plan to kill myself in EK by riding the Space Shuttle. LOL. I am so scared of heights.
  25. I am still just another girl who wants to be appreciated for who I really am, not what you wish me to be.

1 comment:

  1. It's nice to learn new things about you.

    I wish I can do #2. I'm too dependent on other people's company.

    I'm also scared of heights. I was able to ride the Space Shuttle a few times ... with my eyes closed. ha!ha!


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