Saturday, June 12, 2010

dear heart

Hey... how are you doing? It's been almost a month now ... are you feeling better? You are? That's good to hear ... See? I told you that this is all for the best. He wasn't good for you, for us ... he wasn't what we needed, or what we deserved.

Do you agree now heart? It feels lighter now right? No more running to the phone to see if he remembered to text or spared a few minutes for you. No more wondering when you will see each other again or if he could spare you a few minutes. No more asking, begging, or inquiring.

You held on for far too long heart. You held on because you thought that that was it ... there was no one else anymore ... you settled. Don't settle heart. Expect the best because you give out the best. You deserve nothing less than that.

For now ... take a vacation. Yes, a long vacation. Don't fall in love again ... don't even entertain the thought or notion of being in love. It's too risky, dangerous, and not the right time. You need to heal heart. See the little cracks you're bearing still? It needs to heal.

You won't be whole anymore but at least, you've mended. This is what you need heart. This is what we need. This is what I need.

You will heal heart. You will. No matter how much damaged J or R inflicted on you, you will heal. They just made you stronger and you received some bruises here and there ... but you will heal. Time heals all wounds, no matter how deep the cut. Remember that.

For now, heal. You need it. We need it. Most especially, I need it.

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