Thursday, May 13, 2010

worrying gets you nowhere

I'm a worry wart. I am a certified worry wart. I love to worry, well, not love. I am just so used to worrying about everything that I worry even when there is nothing to worry about. I just do. It's like waking up and breathing for me. I worry. It's my thing.
I worry about things and people and it kills them. I worry about my friends, my work, my family, B, J, and the world. Hell, I worry about nothing, I mean, literally nothing.
J hates it. He tells me to ease up on worrying coz I end up dissecting every single thing and putting meaning to things that really have no meaning. Or worse, creating situations that don't really have underlying tones but I try to find one and won't be satisfied until I create something out of nothing. It drives him crazy and it makes me nuts.
So I wanna stop ... I really do ... but I worry that I can't stop worrying about worrying and that worries me.
See? *toinks self*

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