Saturday, May 22, 2010

SPH # 28: Monthly

I plan to collect board games for B and I on a monthly basis now. I will buy a new board game monthly and I think it will be a great collection for us. What do you think?


  1. board games are a good buy. it's educational and at the same time, encourages bonding moments.

  2. We all love board games in our family. Such fun times.

  3. that's a good thing... it stimulates the brain. I remember we had a collection when we were kids, now my kids are collecting too.

    thanks for dropping by..

  4. Monthly board games... what a GREAT idea. Your son will enjoy that.

    And 20 months after your loss. I'm sorry. :~(

    e-Mom @ Chrysalis

  5. WOW! Great idea. Board games are forgotten these days. Thanks for dropping by.


  6. That's a great idea. Board games are loads of fun.


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