full trust

I spoke to someone today whom I respect and asked for advice and she told me, "Trust him Kay. Full trust." These words reverberated in my mind again and again and I realized that I really should do what she said.

In the past, I was able to do this without a second thought. It was just due to the ex who hurt me over and over again and cheated on me again and again that I learned not to trust entirely. Still, I've been with J for almost 20 months and not trusting him fully has not gotten me anywhere good.

I think I really should give this whole trusting thing a chance. He's worth it. I know he is.

So to you J, though you do not read this ... I am trusting you with the most important thing I have ... my heart. Please don't shatter it ... for you will shatter me.

It's scary .. so scary ... but I believe that it will be worth it ... it has to be ...