Wednesday, May 26, 2010

fall tears ... wash away my pain ...

A few tears fell today ... but that is okay ...
for I know that these tears will soon be replaced by a million smiles and laughter.
So fall tears, wash away the pain, for soon it will be just smiles and laughter.

Today, I realized that the pain has not gone away nor will it be going away anytime soon. 20 months is still 20 months and I gave my heart wholeheartedly. Having it thrown away just like that will of course hurt a lot but what I need to focus on is that yes, it may be hurting now, but soon, it won't hurt anymore.

Time heals all wounds, no matter how deep the cut, no matter how big it is. This is what is great about time. One day, I know I will be able to look back at this event in my life and remember him, and smile. I will remember the good, not the bad. I will remember the love, not the pain. And I will smile.

But for now, fall tears ... fall ... with every drop, I will be stronger and the pain will lessen. So fall tears ... fall.


  1. i'm bloghopping from ibyang. i'm sorry to hear this and i understand how you feel because i've been in your shoe. my rel'ship for 7 yrs went down drain bec my ex was cheating and found someone new. he actually married her this year.

    yes you'll cry A LOT; i did. trust me, that day will come when you'll be absolutely over him and that your heart will feel whole again. you will get through this. i'm sure of that :).

  2. There's always a rainbow after each storm. I'm sure you'll see the lovely colors soon.

  3. @ kayni: I know there will be a lot more tears but I know that I am not crying for him but for the love I wasted on him and the time ... and because the tears will help me heal ... thank you ...

    @ rachel: there is always a reason for everything right?


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