Sunday, May 2, 2010

colorful moments with B

look at the hair ... the hair! LOL ...

I had a lot of bonding moments with B yesterday ... he spent the day coloring and I spent it beside him cross stitching and watching movies, one after the other. I didn't join my family in going out because I just wanted to stay at home with B and I don't regret it. I had fun though of course the moments where I wanna throw B out the window was there too. LOL. He can be really pernisckety when he wants to be but I love him.
And my hair? I look like a peacock. LOL.


  1. B colors so well. Glad you had fun together.

    BTW, sorry I'm not sure about how to commute to Nuvali but I heard there are shuttle services in that area. I'm sure B would enjoy fish feeding.

  2. Your son has a great smile. And he's a good colorer. My kids were never good about coloring within the lines.

  3. @ Rachel: Thanks for the info!

    @ Daddy: He loves to color. A LOT!


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