Wednesday, March 17, 2010

what is true love?

They say that God's love for us is the epitome of true love. I used to not believe that. Now, I know better.

I used to think true love was something made out of cartoons and happily ever after. Now, I know better.

True love is about loving, hurting, forgiveness, starting over, and a lot of chances. True love is about the willingness to be hurt because when you love, you will hurt. True love is about forgiving that person you love who has hurt you and letting that person heal the wound she inflicted on you for it is only she who can mend it as well. True love is not all about hugs and kisses and good times. True love is more about the pain and overcoming your pride and anger to give one more chance, two more, and so many others.

I can say I have found true love for someone. He has hurt me a number of times but I can never seem to see myself without him. I get mad at him and feel so hurt but I can't bear the thought of not being with him. I know that in the future he will hurt me again and make me cry but I am okay with it. I am okay because I know that he will also be there to wipe my tears away and make me smile.

I know that I am also his true love. He may be hurting now and keeping himself enclosed but I also know that deep in his heart, he will forgive me the same way I have forgiven him and that in time, he will let me heal the pain and wipe the pain away. I will make him smile and create good memories with him. I will still hurt him in the future, but it will not be because of my insecurities anymore.

It's an ironic thing. When he was no longer there to reassure me, that's when I realized how much sacrifice, patience, and love he had for me. Now, I know that he will never cheat on me because he does not want to hurt me. Now, I know that he loves me because I feel it even when he no longer says it. Now, I know that things will be okay in time eventhough it isn't right now.

I know it because what we have is true love.

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