Thursday, March 18, 2010

To Do List

There are things that I have never done in my life which I want to do now ... and so I will have my list and as I am able to accomplish it ... I will repost but with marks saying DONE to each item.
  1. watch a movie by myself
  2. ride the space shuttle (hopefully I don't suffer a heart attack!)
  3. bungee jump
  4. get a very small tattoo (Breathe ...)
  5. not drink coffee for a week (I down at least 3 cups a day)
  6. grow my hair really long
  7. dance class ....
  8. lose the 65lbs that I was told by the doctors to lose ... wow ... that's a human being already ... hehe
  9. become a professional photographer
  10. bake cakes
You think I'll be able to do all these? Which one will be the easiest and which one will be the hardest?

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