Monday, March 15, 2010

munimuni # 43

Here's what we had for dessert....

It's the 1st weekend we had as a family again. Last week didn't count since it was more a reunion of sorts for us. This was our first regular weekend, the start of many we hope. We went to the mall and I was happy ... you know ... it was something I've always wanted but I was sad too.

I was very sad.

You see, upon gaining my family, I felt that I had lost someone. He's not really lost but I feel like he is. What I had earlier was a moment that I would have loved to have shared with him even through text but I couldn't. And that hurt so much ...

I thought I'd be okay since its been a week but I'm not. I envy him for he is. I wish I was too.

I realized a lot of things as well ... and I wished that I could share these realizations with him. It's things that he needs to know and believe in but I don't know when I will have the moment to share it with him. I hope its soon. I really do.

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