Tuesday, March 23, 2010

a day at the hospital

my only companion
so many tests ....

my blood was clotting ... had a hard time extracting =(
the 2D Echo machine

someone taking the stress test

me in the hospital gown

I feel a little bit proud of myself. I was at Makati Medical for half a day undergoing tests to gauge my blood and heart problems and I had no one with me. I wasn't even texting with anyone. It was just me, myself, and I.
I consider that a major victory since I've always relied on a boyfriend, family, or friends when it comes to moments like that. Today, it was just me and I survived.

I was there by 8am and they had to extract some blood. My blood was clotting and so it took a long time to extract. Pretty weird coz it was the first time it did that. After, I went to the pulmo doctor which was just a really long wait. Afterwards, it was off to the 2D Echo. I was so sleepy the whole time. I don't even know why I was since I had a good, long sleep. When it was time for the 2D Echo, I was unnerved by the machine. It also hurt since they had to press coz apparently, my heart was not easy to spot. I had this absurd notion that the doctor would tell me I have no heart. LOL.

When it was time for the stress test, that's when things went a bit bad. It was supposed to last 21 minutes but at 9minutes 17 seconds, I couldn't do it anymore. I almost collapsed. I heard the doctor say something a poor condition and I hope he was not referring to my poor heart. My BP was 150/80 highest and lowest at 130/90. My heart rate was 164. I have no idea if that's good or bad. Oh well ... I'll know everything on Monday so wish me luck.


  1. Good luck with the test results. Hopefully they won't anything wrong. BTW, your blood pressure is lower than mine and I all I had to do was sit when they took the reading. I guess that's why I have to watch what I eat now.

    My kids are cursed too when they have to take blood. The nurse either can't find a good vein or the blood clots.

  2. I hope it's nothing serious. Take care. (((hugs)))

  3. Glad to hear that everyting is ok with your health :)

    Until now we've been avoiding having a complete check-up, for fear that the doctors might find something seriously wrong with us :P but I guess we do have to do it one of these days.

    Ako rin, I like doing things alone. Although sometimes, some things are best done with friends/company :)

  4. @ everyone: I will know the results on Thursday. Keep your fingers crossed!

  5. @ everyone: I will know the results on Thursday. Keep your fingers crossed!


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