Tuesday, January 27, 2009

yin and yang

You know how life is all about balance? They say that since there is good, there needs to be evil to balance it out. They say that you can't really see white if there is no black. They say that this is all needed to make sure life as we know it is balanced.

When good things happen, I always expect something bad to balance it. This has been the long winding musical background that has been playing in my life. Something good happens, something bad will happen. Its the way of life.

Some good things have been happening in my life lately but of course the ex is there to try and ruin things. Him and his family, the family that has been shielding him fo fear that I might eat their son alive. Yep, I was with a guy with no balls, who feel the need to go hide under Mommy's fugly lil skirt.

Am I affected? A bit. am human after all. Will I stay affected? Of course not. I am a fighter. I will survive this. I have my Mom and other people who love me backing me up. Even if they are not there, I have B who needs me to be strong. And so I will be. Even if it kills me.

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