Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tuyo and Tinapa: Potentially Dangerous to Life and Health

I stumbled over this article about some NY nuns suing a Filipino couple because they cooked dried fish (tuyo) and the NY nuns thought the smell was that of a decomposing body. I've never smelled a decomposing body and I don't know where those nuns have been staying in their leisure time to actually know the smell of a decomposing body, but dried fish does not smell anywhere near a decomposing body.

This is just plain racist. Seriously.


  1. Suing? Talk about extreme. And I don't know if this is stereotypical, but shouldn't she be more forgiving? I mean, hello. Be thankful it was fish and not a decomposing body you came across, Sister!

  2. hey!!! those were my favorite....

  3. Since the housing rules states that "Cooking smelly food is not allowed" I don't see how it could be racist or unfair in any form or way. Rules are rules.

    We do have a national delicacy that's made from fermented, rotten fish. The scent of it is very strong and not so pleasant. While we all know about it and don't see a problem in it we also know that we can't eat in in apartment buildings with such rules. It's common sense really, when you rent your home you need to follow the rules that's given to you by the owner, no matter how silly they seem to you.

    Now I'm curious about tuyo and tinapa and what it tastes like. =)

  4. Well, the thing is, smelly is subjective. I guess therein lies the problem.

    And it is so good. Seriously yummy.

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