Sunday, January 25, 2009

PostSecret Sharing # 4

At times, I feel like you don't want to share who you are with me ... like there's a part of you that needs to remain a secret. I don't know why ... I hope you will learn to trust me 100% soon. I am worthy of it you know.

I used to feel this way when my ex cheated on me. I had a conversation with him and asked him what he would do if the tables were turned. He told me it could never happen because I was too fat and ugly that no one will ever be interested in me.

It haunts me now and again.

* All images are from PostSecret.


  1. Your ex is a big jerk. Forget about it and move on. Someday you will the meet the right guy for you.

  2. That's terrible. It's not something a gentleman would say.

  3. @ daddy: Thanks! I know now he is but at times, it still haunts me. It still hurts.

    @ rachel: he wasn't one.


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