Sunday, January 11, 2009

PostSecret Sharing # 2

This week is a surprise to me. Normally, I would find one or two at most cards that I can relate to. This week is a first for me. I found several. Please visit PostSecret to see the complete set of cards for this week.
I used to wish that when I loved him, he loved me back. He didn't. He loved me when I no longer loved him. As much as I wanted to get the feeling back, it just wasn't there anymore.
To be rejected in bed is one of the most insulting and painful things, especially if the other person matters a lot to you.
I dream of so many things but I know that most of them, if not all, will never be a reality because I do not have enough courage to make those dreams a reality. Sad, but true.
I love how blogs let you be in touch with the life of someone else. I find it scary how much you can know about someone through their blog.

I read books, a lot. I can relate to this because most of what I read though are nonfiction. I want to pretend that I'm this brainiac or philo person and read about autobiographies, biographies, or Oprah's Book Club choice. I can't. I'm just not into that. There are times I may be interested in one but I can't see myself going to the BestSeller List and choosing a book. I read books that interest me, whether its a romance book or Harry Potter.

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  1. I love Postsecret. This week's batch was particularly striking!


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