Thursday, January 1, 2009

NY meal ...

butterscoth brownie with chocolate ganache

Above and below are some picture of what we had for NY's eve. Again, it was my lil brother who cooked this sumptuous meal. The great thing about this was that we were really complete. My other lil brother was with us unlike Xmas eve. Whee!!!

This is a calamansi pie. No, it was not sour at all. It was tangy sweet. Really good stuff. Best part is that it is my own lil brother's recipe. Coolness huh?

B was scared of the fireworks at first but eventually got over it. Brave lil boy is what he is. He also kept dancing which was really cute and funny. We had some money hunt to promote wealth for this new year and it was so much fun seeing everyone going loco over looking for some coins and bills.


  1. mare!!! i want to invite myself to have a lunch or dinner in ur place to taste these delicious meals made by your bro...pwede???

  2. Oo naman ano ... pumunta ka pag inivite ka ha ...

  3. Darn, all that inihaw is making me hungry!!! And calamansi pie? Intriguing!!

  4. It is very intriguing. The taste is very unique but you'd keep looking for it.


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