Thursday, January 15, 2009

I wish I was a kid again ....

I wish I was a kid again ...
  • my biggest problem would be what toy to play with and who to share it with; not worry as to who is sharing my SO's attention with me.
  • my biggest concern would be to pee or not to pee in the potty and if I do not pee in the potty, get away with a sorry.
  • I would just choose what TV show to watch on TV without being tagged a couch potato.
  • I can play with bubbles all day if I want without looking like a retard.
  • I can sleep till noon and not be scolded for being lazy.
  • I can be chubby and be called cute instead of unhealthy.
  • I can cry and be consoled without needing to explain in detail why I am crying.
  • I can ask for a hug and everyone would be willing to give me one.
I need a hug. I wish I was a kid again.


  1. Awwww. But then you'd have to grow up all over again! :)

    *hugs hugs hugs*

  2. I prefer to be an adult that do as I please, I have the freedom of being old enough to do what I want. As a child I was often frustrated by all the rules telling me that I was too young to do "this" and "that".

  3. I wish I could be a kid again too. Funny how I couldn't wait until I became a grown up and now I wish I could play every day like my kids.


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