Sunday, January 14, 2007

munimuni # 15

This has been a so-so week. Lots of planned activities cancelled. Didn't get to go out with h nor meet up with a friend coz tornado got sick. He vomited 6x yesterday and pooped more than 12x. Ugh. Not a pretty sight. Not a good experience. H and I also had an all out war last night. Sigh.

Pretty hard to think of good things now but I will try.
  1. the tornado seem to be feeling much better now ... even drank some milk and kept it in
  2. the tornado is sleeping now which is good
  3. hubby and I are at least, civil
  4. I'm counselling a friend ... and hopefully helping her
  5. I got to spend some time with my baby, albeit being covered with vomit and changing nappies over and over agai
  6. we're still healthy and alive
  7. the tsunami alert that was put up by CNN for the Philippines and Taiwan seems to have been taken away ... (there was an 8.3 earthquake that hit the North Pacific yesterday noon MNL time
  8. hubby and I are still together though he apparently hates my voice and my talking ... (more on this when I'm less emotional)
  9. my family and friends are all okay
  10. the recipients of my ornament swap seems to have gotten them ...
  11. I got a really nice button for my KMMS ... thanks again The Wooden Porch
I really need all the love and care I can get now. I feel so unloved.

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